Your privacy is something that eHardback values and takes seriously. This Privacy Policy explains our practices for using, collecting, disclosing, and sharing your personal information when you use the eHardback platform ( The actions of eHardback, Inc., its subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively, "eHardback") are covered by this privacy policy.

User Information Collected By eHardback

Through the eHardback platform, we automatically collect information from users and third parties. Information on how eHardback collects and uses user data is precisely elaborated below.

User Account and Profile Information Collected by eHardback

On the eHardback platform, we collect your name, contact information, demographic data (now or in the future), and any information you choose to offer when you create an account and profile. The general public and other eHardback platform users will be able to see your name, photo, and any other details you decide to provide in your profile. Once you've made a profile, people will be able to see your activity on the eHardback platform, including the reviews you've posted, your followers (now or in the future) and who you follow (now or in the future), areas you're interested in, and content modifications you've made (now or in the future).

Content Posted by You/User on Our Platform

We collect all of the data and content that you upload to the eHardback platform, including reviews, comments, and other submissions. The eHardback platform makes your identity, content, date and time stamps, and all associated comments accessible to the general audience. All the data that you upload on our platform may also be indexed by search engines and published elsewhere on the Internet.

Engagement With The eHardback Platform

We may collect browsing data about users' activities on the eHardback Platform as well as on third-party websites and services that contain our eHardback pixels, plug-ins, buttons, widgets, or related services, such as IP address, location, date, time stamp, user agent, eHardback cookie ID (if applicable), URL, unique advertising or content identifiers (if applicable), and time zone (now or in the future).

Publishers or users of our advertising services on the eHardback platform may utilize our pixels (now or in the future) to enable personalization and your preferences regarding advertising and personalization. Additionally, we might get details about you from third parties like other users, partners, or our affiliated businesses.

Our Communications Policy

We will contact you using your contact information via email, text message, phone, or any other mode of communication through the eHardback platform or otherwise. We may keep a record of any communications you have with us conducted via any communication way. You agree that we may use your contact information to get in touch with you by providing your information to eHardback platform.

Our Integrated Service Provider and Linked Networks Policy

You may (now or in the future) link your eHardback account to specific third-party networks. The eHardback platform also offers the option of signing up or logging in using a linked network (now or in the future). We obtain specific profile and account information about you from the linked network if you choose to register through or connect a linked network.

You may also list these linked networks (currently or in the future) in your profile so that people can find you there. You and those linked networks decide what precise information they will provide to us, and this information may change from network to network.

You may (currently or on the future) choose to import your contacts to the eHardback platform to find and connect with them there, or you can choose to use information from the linked network to fill out your profile and ask people to join.

Moreover, you have the option (currently or in the future) to connect and transfer funds to and from us using third-party networks like “Integrated Service Provider”. If you do, you will be giving us permission to send and receive your login information and other user data to and from the Integrated Service Provider for payment-related purposes.

Information about your activity that Is automatically collected by our platform may use cookies, local storage objects, log files, pixel tags, and other tracking technologies to gather data about your online activities, including your page views, searches, visiting date and time, and other details about how you use the eHardback platform (now or in the future).

In relation to your use of the eHardback platform, your computer or mobile device may also send us information about your browser type, computer or mobile device type, browser language, IP address, location, mobile carrier, unique device identifier, and URLs. Even if you do not have an account, we may collect information when you browse material on or otherwise interact with the eHardback platform.

How We (eHardback Collectively) Use Your/User’s Information

Your name and contact details, among other personal data, are not sold to outside parties for their own marketing uses. The following are the ways that eHardback makes use of the information we gather:

How We (eHardback Collectively) Share Your Information

Below, we've described how eHardback shares its users' information generally and where people have given their consent:

Your Content on eHardback and Public Information

Your content, which includes your name, profile picture, contact information, and some activity-related data, is accessible to other eHardback platform users and can be read by anyone. Users can share your material on other websites or services, which makes it available to visitors who are not signed in. Additionally, search engines might index your work. For access to your material and other publicly available information on the eHardback platform, we may (now or in the future) charge a fee.

eHardback’s Cookies, Pixels and Tracking Policy

Your usage and browsing activities on the eHardback platform and other websites or online services are automatically collected and recorded by us and our third-party partners using cookies, clear GIFs/pixel tags, JavaScript, local storage, log files, and other technologies. This data might be combined with other user data that we get. You can find more elaboration on this below:

Third-Party Ads on eHardback Platform

In order to serve advertisements on the eHardback Platform and on other media, websites, or social networking platforms, we may also collaborate with third parties, such as network advertisers. These third parties may utilize cookies, JavaScript, web beacons , and other tracking technologies in order to monitor the performance of their advertisements and to tailor the advertising content they serve to you.

eHardback Ads and Personalization

Based on data we have gathered through the eHardback platform and through our widgets, pixels, and buttons embedded on third-party websites, or any other way, we may show personalized content (including from third-party content providers) and personalized advertisements.

We may provide certain amount of audience engagement information to users of our Ad Services and to publishers of content on our platform.

In order to garner customized audiences for personalizing their ad campaigns or determining the efficacy of their advertising, advertisers that use our Ad Services may also provide us with information as part of their ad campaigns, including every sort of consumer information.

How eHardback Protect User Information

Your information's security is something we (eHardback Collectively) value and treat carefully. eHardback do our best to safeguard the data we gather. However, no website or Internet transmission is 100% secure. Therefore, we strongly advise you to take precautions to safeguard your personal information, such as selecting a secure password and keeping it private, checking out of your user account after using the eHardback platform on a shared or unsecured computer, and shutting down your web browser.

Access and Amend Your (Users) Information by eHardback

By login into your account, you can change or correct certain amount of your account information whenever you want. Other changes to settings or the way information about you is displayed are also possible (now or in the future).

Your Choices of Using eHardback

You may choose not to disclose information through the eHardback platform, in which case we might not be able to offer you some or all services. Additionally, you may (now or in the future) limit the information shared about you on the eHardback platform, choose which notifications and communications you receive from us (now or in the future), and change other privacy settings (now or in the future). Further information has been elaborated below

Content That You Post On Our Platform:

The reviews you post can be changed or removed at any time. Any content that is removed will also be deleted from any third-party websites where it has been shared via eHardback's standard sharing options. However, if your work has been manually shared by others, we have no control over any modifications or deletions performed to it. Other users may be able to view the history of your content edits in your profile activity and on content edit logs (now and in the future).

Notifications and Emails Choices

You may receive email digests with information from the eHardback platform that we think may match your interests when you sign up for an account or create a profile as part of the service.

You agree to receive notifications about more eHardback platform content that may be of interest to you, by various means, including emails and text messages, as permitted by law. Via their eHardback accounts, users may be able to connect and invite their imported contacts through text messages, phone, or email (now or in the future).

You may change certain or all selections for text messages, emails, and notices in your account (now or in the future), but you cannot choose not to receive some of our administrative or legal notices. We may still send you transactional emails and text messages concerning your account or any services you have demanded or received from us even if you choose not to receive any kind of alerts about recommendations or other information, we believe may interest you.

On your contributions within the eHardback platform, others may leave comments. On the eHardback platform, other users may (now or in the future) also send you direct messages. If you don't want someone to direct message you on our platform, you can reach out to us by emailing us at We try to provide a safe platform where everybody is respected. But we can’t control human behaviour. You can directly contact us through the email. We will take necessary measures and try our best to provide you with the best service.

Control Over Adult Content

You may receive adult content on our platform. Every user that post on our platform is solely liable for whatever type of content they decide to post and eHardback collectively is not liable for any of the user content. Via settings, you can select whether to receive adult content (now or in the future). This feature may not be available right now of the platform but maybe added soon on our platform.

User Profile Discoverability

Your account on our platform can be discovered by other eHardback users and other users of the internet. When someone imports their contacts from a third-party service, for example, you may change your settings (now or in the future) to prevent them from finding your account by searching for your name or using your contact information.

User’s Followers

You may prohibit another eHardback user from following you (now or in the future). Whether or not you follow other users is something you can decide.

Indexed Search by Search Engines

We are unable to support you in removing your account or any other information related to your account that has been indexed by search engines on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) as we have no control over it.

Linked Networks With eHardback

Through account settings, you may view, modify, and remove a certain amount of your profile information as well as link or disconnect from your linked networks (now or in the future). If you opt to disconnect a linked network, we won't receive any information from it again until you decide to reconnect it. (This feature may not be available now, but it may be available anytime in the future).

Deleting User Account

You can permanently delete your account and all of your data that is posted by you on our platform at any moment. All of your content on the eHardback platform will be deleted and removed if you decide to delete your account, and we may not recover it.

Deactivating User Account

Deactivating your account rather than permanently deleting it will allow you to do so if you only wish to do so temporarily (now or in the future). As a result, other eHardback users won't be able to engage with your account or any content you've uploaded. But your material will still be available on the eHardback platform. And anytime you choose to log in, your account will be reactivated and all your content will be publicly visible. (This feature may not be available now, but it may be available anytime in the future).

eHardback’s Children’s Privacy

The personal information of anyone under the age of 18 (or for anyone under the age of majority in their country) is not knowingly collected or solicited by eHardback, and we do not knowingly permit such individuals to register. And we try our best to delete the personal information of any user if we learn that they are under the required age.

But the database of users can be huge and gathering and analyzing data on every single user may not be possible every time. Thus, every user that creates an account on our platform eHardback is solely responsible for whatever information they provide. eHardback collectively is not liable for handling and verifying any critical personal user information.

Our Transferring User’s Data

eHardback is based in the Gujarat, and has operations, entities and service providers in the India and throughout the world (Not currently throughout the world, but maybe in the future). As a result, we and our service providers may move or access your personal information in countries that might not have the same degree of privacy protection as your home country. We try our best to take measures, to ensure that your personal information is adequately protected wherever it is processed.

Links to Other Websites Through eHardback Platform

There may be links to other websites or online services on the eHardback platform. As their information practices are governed by their own policies and procedures and not by this Privacy Policy, we are not liable for the actions of such third parties.

Contact Us

In case you have any questions or grievances about our platform (eHardback) or this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We will update this page with any changes to our privacy policies and practices. We will update this page if we make any modifications to this Privacy Policy that affect how we handle your personal information.

If our revised policies are not something you want to agree to. Following that, you may discontinue using our platform (eHardback). It will be assumed that you have agreed to the changes by your activity if you keep using our platform (eHardback) and its services.

Specific Terms for India

Any information relating to ‘Sensitive Personal Information’ declared by “Indian Laws” that is necessary for granting you with access to the eHardback platform as well as any of the information received that is identified as ‘Sensitive Personal Information’ according to “Indian Laws” for processing, storing or processed under lawful contract. The ‘personal information’ will include ‘sensitive personal information’ as well.

You will be considered to have given your consent to eHardback's collection, disclosure, and transfer of your personal information if you use the eHardback platform and its services. For example, if you choose to share your personal information while using the eHardback platform, such as by including sensitive personal information in your content or by including sensitive personal information in your registration information, you will have given us such consent by your activity.

When a user of the eHardback platform deletes their account, all of their personal information is also deleted and removed in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. You may also lose your content if you decide to deactivate your account on a temporary basis.

We will try to make sure that the personal information we obtain from users of our platform is transmitted to entities that uphold data reliable privacy standards.

Special Notice

Terms and policies relating to features that are currently not available on the platform (but may be added soon on our platform) right now are also added on this page. All the sections that are marked with “now or in the future” relates to the same. Certain other features that are not currently available on the platform, and are not tagged with (now or in the future) but are mentioned in this Privacy Policy are also covered under the same. The policies relating to such features will immediately come into action once any of such features comes live on our platform