eHardback is a platform that allows readers and book enthusiasts to post their book reviews. Avid readers, book reviewers, and everybody else that is connected with books is welcome to post their original book reviews on our platform.

Posting Book Reviews on eHardback:

Images of books (images you own/stock free images), a Title tag, Hashtags, Category, and Description that elaborates your book review further are allowed to be posted on the platform eHardback.

Every user who recommends a book or posts a book review on our platform must own the content or have the rights to share the content that they publish. The user also allows eHardback and its other users certain rights and license to use the content by posting it on our platform. More information on these rights and license is provided below.

Any user who publishes any content on the platform is solely responsible and accountable for it. The content that the user posts on our platform must be their own, and it should not violate or infringe on the legal rights of any other users, parties, or the law.

eHardback is a platform only for quality book reviews. By using eHardback platform, you completely understand and agree that eHardback holds the right to take down or completely remove any content posted by any user at any time without providing any kind of notice.

We (eHardback) hold the right to remove any book review that we do not find a perfect fit for our platform. eHardback also holds the right to remove or take down any kind of material other than a book reviews posted by any user on our platform.

Once you have logged into our platform with your account, you are free to leave comments on any review. However, you are not permitted to post hate speech or any other statements that have a negative impact on the community or other users of our platform.

Any hateful, abusive, or negative comments made by any user anywhere on our platform may be deleted by eHardback at any time. Any account that doesn't follow the rules may be suspended at any time without any warning or notice.

The accuracy of any content uploaded on our platform is not confirmed by eHardback. We also do not support any of the content that is published on our platform. Regardless of whether you are a registered user or not, using the eHardback platform signifies your acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The user that posts any content on our platform is solely responsible and liable for the content they publish on eHardback. Any user that uploads content to eHardback, including text, photographs, opinions, or other materials, is solely responsible for the same. Any content that is published on our platform is not the responsibility of eHardback. The team at eHardback try their best to monitor the content submitted on our platform and remove any that is found improper for the platform. But we still do not provide any type of assurance about the content posted by users on our platform.

It is absolutely prohibited for anyone under the age of 18 to use our platform (eHardback). If you use our platform, you represent that you are at least 18 years old. If you live outside of India, you represent that you are of legal age according to the law where you live.

If not, these Terms of Use must be approved by your parent or legal guardian. They are bound to consent to this agreement on your behalf and take ownership of your use of our platform. In case, you accept these Terms of Use on behalf of another person or entity, you confirm and represent that you have the legal authority to bind that person or entity to this agreement.

eHardback recommends you to maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of your eHardback account’s password. You also agree to give us with accurate and truthful information about yourself by signing up on our platform. By using our platform, regardless of whether you are a registered user, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

eHardback doesn’t store any user’s password. Moreover, users will not be able to reset their account passwords in case they forget their password. Password reset feature might be available in near future on eHardback but it is not available right not.

You also have the option to delete you eHardback account at any moment. It is currently not available on the user side but might be available soon. To delete your account, just email us your request at However, we reserve the right to delete or suspend your eHardback account without notice if you violate any policies or engage in any kind of unacceptable behaviour that violates our policies in any way.

We appreciate your opinions and suggestions that you send us via email. You can contribute thoughts and suggestions to help improve the eHardback platform. However, by sending any feedback, recommendation, or proposal, you agree to grant us complete permission to use, disclose, and exploit your feedback or recommendation, in whole or in part, without any obligation or compensation to you. You grant us permission to use your feedback or suggestions as we see fit.

eHardback is a developing platform that necessitates ongoing modifications to improve the user experience. By using our platform, you accept that we may change, add, or remove any feature or other part of our platform at any time without providing you prior notice.

User Content on eHardback:

Our platform enables users to share images, texts, links, and other information with other users. You agree that you are solely liable for every material that you upload and publish on our platform.

You also accept that any material you post on our platform may be accessible and viewable by anyone. You also allow any user of our platform to comment on your material and share their opinions about it. You also acknowledge that the copyright and other intellectual property used in the content you submit on our platform are owned by you or your licensors.

License and Permissions To Use The Content Posted By Users

By submitting, posting, or displaying your material or content on our platform eHardback, you grant eHardback, its other platforms, its affiliated companies, and eHardback collectively a royalty-free, nonexclusive, worldwide, transferable, fully paid up, sublicensable license to use, process, copy, adapt, reproduce, modify, publish, transmit, store, create derivative works from, display, translate, distribute, communicate, and make available to the general public.

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that eHardback may use your content (collective material that you post on our platform) in any media now known or later developed for promotion, marketing, or advertising of the collective eHardback platform or our business partners, including through automated distribution channels such as application programming interface (API).

You fully understand and agree that this license includes the right for eHardback to make the content you post on our platform available to other organizations, companies, business partners, or individuals who collaborate with eHardback for the broadcast, communication, syndication, and making available to the public, publication, or distribution of your content on the eHardback platform or through other media or distribution methods.

This license also provides other users of our platform (eHardback) the right to use, reproduce, copy, modify, adapt, transmit, publish, display, create derivative works from, and translate, communicate, distribute, and make available to the public your content (content or material posted by you), subject to our Terms of Use. However, this license does not provide the right to use automated technologies to copy, post, or collect content from our platform for the purpose of creating derivative works.

You have the ability to edit, modify, and delete any content you have uploaded on our platform at any time. You also acknowledge that we may not be able to control or delete any of your content or material outside of eHardback. We have the right to delete suspected spam from your account. Any modifications or edits you make may be visible to other users of our platform.

You agree that we may adapt, modify, or create derivative works based on the content or material you submit to our platform in order to display, transmit, or distribute it via computer networks, service providers, devices, and media. We also reserve the right, at any time, to remove or refuse to publish your content, in whole or in part.

Except as otherwise specified in this Agreement, eHardback owns the perpetual and irrevocable right to display, copy, publish, distribute, perform, transmit, store, modify, and otherwise utilize any content you upload, as well as the right to sublicense such rights to others.

You fully understand and agree that eHardback may store, keep, and disclose your submitted content, material and related information if required by law or in the belief that such preservation or disclosure is legitimately and reasonably necessary to protect the rights or property of others.

You also grant us permission and authorization to act as your nonexclusive agent in enforcing any illegal use of your content or material provided to our platform by third parties outside of the eHardback platform or in violation of our Terms of Use.

By uploading and publishing your content on our platform, you represent and warrant to us that you own your content or have obtained all necessary licenses or permissions to use it, and you grant us the rights to use your content as indicated in this agreement.

You also agree that uploading and publishing your content on our platform does not violate anybody's intellectual property or personal rights, nor does it violate any applicable law or regulation, including any laws or regulations asking or requiring you to disclose that you have been compensated for the content or material you post on our platform.

By submitting your work to our platform, you agree to take full responsibility for not infringing on the intellectual property or personal rights of others, as well as for not breaking or violating any laws or regulations. You agree to pay any and all fees, royalties, and other sums payable to anyone as a result of your content and material.

eHardback’s Content

All intellectual property in or related to the eHardback platform (including, but not limited to, our eHardback marks, logo, and software, but excluding user-posted content) is owned by/property of eHardback collectively. The content you and other users of our platform publish is licensed to eHardback and eventually becomes collectively eHardback's property.

eHardback, its subsidiaries, and affiliates own any data collected by eHardback regarding the use of our platform by its users. It does not include your content and is separate and distinct from the content and material of eHardback.

eHardback’s License to It’s Users

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, we give you a personal, limited, non-exclusive license to use and access eHardback’s content and data as it is made accessible to you in connection with your use of our platform, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

We have the right to revoke our license to you at any moment for any reason. We have the right, but not the obligation, to refuse to distribute or remove content from the eHardback platform. We reserve all other rights and provide no further rights or licenses, implied or otherwise, except those granted in these Terms of Use.

Our platform's content, information, and services are protected by Indian and international copyright, trademark, and other laws, and you recognize that these rights are valid and fully enforceable.

Please keep in mind that the eHardback platform may contain third-party material, products, and services, as well as interactions with third parties. Participation or availability on the eHardback platform does not imply our endorsement or verification. We offer no guarantees or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any content submitted by anybody on the eHardback platform.

You may allow an Integrated Service Provider into your eHardback account. If you allow another online service provider, such as a social networking site, you authorize us to pass to, and receive your log-in information and other user data from the Integrated Service Provider.

Please keep in mind that your use of any Integrated Service Provider, as well as its own treatment of your data and information, is exclusively regulated by their terms of use, privacy policies, and other rules.

Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information on how eHardback uses, stores, and discloses information about you and your use of integrated services.

Advertisements on eHardback

Our platform may include advertisements. eHardback holds the authority to post advertisements on our platform and they may stay live for any period of time. However, we will try to make sure all advertisements on our platform offer an acceptable nature and do not hurt anyone’s sentiments by any manner. If you find any kind of issue with any advertisement posted on our platform, you can simply contact via email. Please keep in mind that eHardback holds the full authority to decide whether any advertisement should stay live or not. We may think on your suggestions, but the final decision will be solely ours.

Advertisements on our platform may be targeted to content or information on our platform, or other information, in an effort to make them relevant to the users of our platform.

If you wish to become an advertiser on our platform, you can simply contact us via email. You will also be required to accept separate terms related to advertising services on the eHardback Platform.

You are allowed to use eHardback's functions, subject to these Terms of Use. You agree not to practice anything that may harm eHardback’s intellectual property in any way. Use of our platform in any way that violates our platform’s policies is strictly prohibited.

You may also be able to view links to other websites or engage with third-party products or services through the eHardback Platform. You agree to bear all risks associated with your use of such websites or resources. Certain features or services on our platform may necessitate the execution of a separate and extra written agreement before they can be used.

For reporting violations of your intellectual property rights or other violations of eHardback’s policies or applicable laws, you can simply contact us via email.

You agree that we are under no responsibility to remove information that you may find unpleasant or offensive. In accordance with our standards and applicable legislation, we try to make every effort to respond to requests for content removal as soon as possible.


eHardback entities refers to any directors, officers, employees, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, related companies, and licensors. Each of the provisions below applies to the greatest degree authorized by applicable law.

We provide you with the ehardback platform, as well as our information and materials and the chance to connect with others, without any express or implied warranties. eHardback entities clearly and explicitly disclaim any and all warranties and conditions of title, accuracy, completeness, merchantability, uninterrupted service, error-free service, non-infringement, and any warranties arising from course of dealing with our platform.

eHardback provides no assurances or promises and fully disclaims any and all liability

or responsibility for:


You agree that ehardback entities or ehardback as a whole will not be liable to you under any basis of liability to the fullest extent permitted by law. Without limiting the foregoing, you agree that, to the greatest extent permitted by law, ehardback entities will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, loss of profits, reputational harm, or loss of data originating out of or in any way related with your use of our platform. If you are dissatisfied in any way with our platform, you can simply stop using our platform (eHardback).

You agree to release, compensate or indemnify, and defend eHardback entities or eHardback collectively from all third-party claims and costs arising out of or related to:

This Agreement states that any action arising out of your use of the eHardback platform will be governed by the laws of the Courts of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India without respect to or application of its conflict of law provisions of your state or country.

You acknowledge that eHardback is controlled and operated in India, that its exclusive workplace is in Gujarat. You agree that any claims shall be presented in Gujarat courts and shall be governed by laws of courts of Gujarat, India.

Outside of the India, eHardback expressly disclaims any representation or promise that our platform conforms with all relevant laws and regulations. If you use the eHardback platform outside of India, you explicitly acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to ascertain if the usage of the eHardback platform complies with any local laws, regulations, or customs.

You admit and understand that this agreement is between you and eHardback only and not with any other application service provider or application platform provider, which may provide you the application subject to its own terms, if you access the eHardback platform via other application or via anything other than that which is made available by eHardback. You can be subject to the standard fees, data rates, and other costs imposed by your cellular provider if you access the eHardback Platform from a mobile phone or any other similar device.

This agreement cannot be assigned or transferred without our permission. Any attempted assignment or transfer that is made in violation of the abovementioned terms shall be invalid. This agreement may be freely assigned or transferred by us. The parties and each of their respective legal agents, assigns, and successors are bound by this agreement to its terms and conditions.

You agree to receive communication or any form of required material via emails from us. You understand and accept that all agreements, disclosures, notices, and other communications that we provide to you electronically meets the requirement of and is equivalent to any legal need that requires communications in written form. There is no partnership, joint venture, or other type of joint enterprise between you and us as a result of this agreement. No party shall have the capacity or authority to impose any obligation or duty, express or implied, on the other, except as specifically specified herein. No waiver of any of the provisions specified in this agreement will be considered as a further or continuing waiver of that term or any other term. Failure on our part to assert a right or provision under this agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision.

You accept and agree to produce a hard copy of this agreement and any other applicable documents, as well as to take any measures that we may request at our own expense to confirm and effect the intent of this agreement and any of your rights under this agreement.

We reserve the right to update any policies on our platform at any moment. Any changes we make to our platform's rules and conditions take effect right away. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are always subject to modification. You will be deemed to have accepted the modified terms of use and other policies if you don't delete your account or stop using the eHardback platform. Your only recourse is to terminate your account or stop using our platform if you disagree with any of the revisions, conditions, or policies in this agreement. Please contact us by emailing us at if you have any questions about eHardback's Terms of Use.

Special Notice

Terms and policies relating to features that are currently not available on the platform (but may be added soon on our platform) right now are also added on this page. The policies relating to such features will immediately come into action once any of such features comes live on our platform